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Service Description

Feeling stuck in survival patterns of existing and escaping? Do you feel held back by destructive habits, blind spots and repeated shut downs? Feeling powerless to live how you want to live and be who you want to be? Certified Coaches are not fixers, or helpers or healers. The power of an effective coach is to create the space, listen deeply and reflect the questions that lead you back to a deeper connection with yourself: your own wisdom, your deep knowing, your truest self. This is how you can transform your life out of existing and escaping into living powerfully, purposefully and enjoyably. You keep remembering the way back to yourself. You keep returning home to you. And you get better and better at accessing your own power to decide what you want to fix, how to help yourself and what you need to keep yourself on the healing road to sustainable wellbeing. This is why coaching sessions with Certified Trauma Informed Coach Corrie often lead individuals and organizations to life-changing experiences. After sessions, clients consistently describe feeling lighter, energized, a sense of profound self-discovery, heightened awareness around sources of toxic stress, greater self-compassion, and the clarity to map out new, therapeutic practices that foster consistent safety, empowered growth and sustained wellbeing. Schedule your free discovery call today!

Cancellation Policy

Coaching Agreement with Terms & Conditions: All Coaching sessions are with Corrie Dunkin, a Certified Trauma Informed Coach. All sessions are online via zoom. They are solution-focused & non-clinical. Cancellation and Refund Policy: Session cancellation or rescheduling must be done at least 24 business hours prior to scheduled session. The Client can cancel or reschedule directly through the calendar or notify Coach via email at If the client decides to terminate the coaching relationship before the completion of the agreed sessions, a refund for the remaining sessions may be provided as per the program policy. Confidentiality & Legal Terms The client and coach understand and agree that all information shared during the coaching sessions will be treated as confidential. Exceptions to confidentiality include situations where the client expresses intent to harm themselves or others, or if required by law, or for credentialing purposes. Disclosure Statement: Coaching is a peer-to-peer relationship. The coach training, certification, and professional certification are as a coach practitioner, not as a clinical therapist. Therefore, there will be no clinical diagnosis or treatment given in any coaching session. The Certified Coach commits to upholding the ethics and standards set by the International Coach Federation ( Coach & Client agree that both parties are individually responsible for implementing a plan to manage their own physical, mental and emotional well-being. Clients are responsible for their own decisions, choices, actions, and ultimately, their results from the coaching process. Coaching vs. Therapy. Coaching can be therapeutic in that it often provides safety, empowerment & non-clinical, but often transformative support for individual wellbeing. However, coaching is not therapy. Coach will not diagnose or treat mental health conditions.

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