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Your Cor Coach

Certified Trauma Informed Coaching

with Corrie Dunkin 

The Value of a Trauma Informed Coach

Trauma-informed coaching is a way of understanding the presence of past trauma and its current effects. It provides a safe space to practice self- awareness and promotes future-focused growth. Some of the benefits of trauma informed coaching include: 


  • Practice presence through emotional regulation

  • Discover your inherent value and worth

  • Feel what you feel without judging or criticizing 

  • Live a life filled with well-being

Wet Leaves

Wellbeing is the healing home
you create inside yourself. 

We are not often taught as we should be, that the life you create is a reflection of what you believe about yourself.

And what you believe about yourself affects your behavior.  


But what power do you have to change belief systems and behaviors shaped by trauma? 


Creating space to show up for yourself can sometimes be the exact next right step.  


Getting curious about patterns of behaviors you have that are not creating safety and wellbeing in your life might be the next. 

What if the impossible, good life you don't dare dream or hope for is the exact life waiting for you to create?  

Our Services

Individual Coaching

Coaching sessions with Corrie are typically one hour and  

are solution-focused, non-clinical and for any adult in pursuit of all forms of personal growth including post traumatic growth. 

Group Coaching & Training

 Trauma informed group sessions, educational assessments and trainings can be uniquely designed to meet the needs of a variety of groups and organizations.

Ready to get started?

The mission of Your Cor Coach is to provide a space for clients to feel safe, seen, heard and unconditionally valued. Your Cor Coach seeks to foster compassionate self-discovery that leads to empowered growth, restoring you to yourself and others. 

It would be my great honor to partner with you on your one wild, precious

and  heroic journey.  

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Alicia K.

With Corrie, I feel like I am being heard and understood.  I come away knowing more about myself and trusting myself.  I feel like we are on an exploration together; she encourages me to dig deeper and find out more about myself. I discover resources within myself, so I can take better care of myself.  Corrie encourages me to trust my feelings and know that I can find the best way to care for myself.  

Jen S.

I was hesitant about doing trauma informed coaching, but everything about Corrie, her presence and approach were life changing for me. Her genuine compassion and support helped me gain the courage to face and overcome barriers I've been trying to break through for 10 years. I am looking forward to the future with new eyes.  

Adriana B.

I’m very grateful for my session with Corrie. It created a foundation for many good things to follow. Having my words mirrored back helped me realize connection to myself is the one that I need most.  Thank you for seeing me.

Rebekah T.

Every conversation I have with Corrie, I walk away with a mixture of feeling seen, hopeful and challenged. I’m amazed by the way that she approaches people with a humility and gentleness and posture of wanting to learn from you. She asks such great questions, listens to understand and will be your biggest advocate!
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